Wilda’s Candle Works

Wilda’s candles are designed to evoke a response, whether it be memories of sitting at the dinner table with a simple, elegant candle or a scent that reminds you of a season, of a feeling. Artfully and individually crafted for you, her candles are an expression of her art and her being, an offering of her revelation to take home with you.


“My art is an expression of my being and my candles are an extension of that.”

In a lifetime as a painter, I have found few contemporary artworks that grab me by the eyes and send me into a trance, but any lighted candle will do that. I was drawn to making candles as works of art by seeing online collections of the highest skill and artistry. In addition, I was inspired by the explosion of hand poured, scented container candles—the best ones creatively dressed up—that focus on scent, the true carrier of our associational memory.

I share with my husband Shaun a life-long fascination with materials and methods as they relate to art; more often than I’d care to admit, I’ve gained more satisfaction researching and buying art materials than actually using them. As I see it, candle-making and other crafts circumvent this kind of artist’s block by not demanding that the product represent anything else but the thing itself, be it a rag pot-holder or the highest expression of the chandler’s art.

Our shop in Rosendale is proud to present the best works of local (including us) makers, as well as carefully selected offering of candles from ethically-sourced makers outside the U.S.

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Be sure to visit us at our shop! 415 Main St, Rosendale, NY 12472